Most of the roulette players are convinced that the roulette system they use is the most important thing in the roulette game in order to make long-term gains. That this is not the case and why it is not the case has already been explained in detail elsewhere. But even if you use the roulette program “roulette tracking”, which is not a system, but a tool that can be used in a variety of ways, there is yet another fact that needs to be considered and that is at least as important as this program is: it’s the right way to handle the money you’re willing to spend on a particular play, or rather, working session. This is also called “bankroll management”.

  For proper bankroll management, you should differentiate between the amount of money used for a particular work session and the amount you are willing to use for roulette over a period of time, typically one month.

The bankroll for a working session

  The bankroll for a work session should be five times the profit limit or profit target you set for the session. So you need to know in advance how much money you want to make during a particular session to determine the amount of money you need for that session.

  For example, if you want to win $ 50.- during a session, you need $ 250.- for that session. If you do not have $ 250 that you do not need for anything else (!!!), then you have to wait until you have that amount of money or lower your profit target. Everything else is not realistic.

  Do not expect that with roulette you can make $ 50 or even $ 1000 from $ 50. This may happen once in a while, but in the long term you are a sure loser with such an attitude. Countless roulette players still think they can multiply the amount of money they use for a session. That’s just not realistic. In fact, you should be satisfied if you win between 10 and 20% of the session bankroll and end your session. If 20% of the bankroll is not enough for you, then wait until you have a higher sum of money (again: money that you do not need for anything else !!!) and then start your next session. Do not raise the above percentage. If you want to win more (the amount in dollars or the currency you are using), then bring more (“If you want to win more, bring more”). Experienced roulette players are modest and realistic. Once the set (realistic) profit target is reached, the session is terminated, even if the profit target is reached after 5 minutes (“Sting like a bee and run like a rabbit”). Never become greedy. Some players say, “If you are hot, you are hot.” Do not think that you will win and win again and again … .. This will never happen and such an attitude will cost you a lot of money in the long term. 

  What about the loss limit? The loss limit is usually the bankroll used for a work session. Be careful: if, for example, you transfer $ 500 to your account in an online casino and sit down for a session, then you must determine in advance how much money you want to use for that particular session. That could be, for example, $ 100. So, if you won $ 20 or lost $ 100 then stop this session (!!!!!!!), log out of the casino and do something else (drink a beer, read the newspaper or walk for half an hour in the fresh air). If you have lost your session bankroll, you must not withdraw another $ 100 from your account and start a second session that day. The frustration of the lost $ 100 is still on your mind, and that’s why you’ll make mistakes during this second session. You want to recover the lost $ 100 and as soon as possible and hopefully even make an overall profit. And so begins a very dangerous hunt: the hunt for the lost money, which will almost always end badly (“Never chase your dollars”).

  After a more or less long break, on the other hand, you can start a new session with the right attitude.

One more thing concerning the set win goal. Again, the rule applies: when you reach the win goal, you stop the session and take a break. Otherwise, very often the following will happen: you bet one or two more times and lose. The amount won or part of it will be lost again. This is very frustrating because you had already achieved your goal. Then you continue to play to reach the set win goal again. And if that does not happen in a relatively short time, then you will forget about your rules. You bet more and take more risks. There will be days when you lose all the money you’ve made during 5 – 10 sessions (and during which you’ve sticked to the rules) in one single session.

  On the other hand, there is also a strategy that will allow you to make significantly higher profits from time to time than the win goal set at the beginning of a session. Example: Your bankroll for a given session is $ 200. After some time you have made 40.- $ profit, reaching your win goal of 20%. You may continue to play, but in no case lose more than 25% of the profit made so far. So there are still 10- $ that you may use to work with. You bet one more time (for example, 10 numbers with one dollar each). If you do not win, you will end the session immediately and go for a $ 30.- win. If you win, then you have now 65.- $ profit. There are now $ 16 left (again 25% of the profit) that you may use to continue betting. You bet 10 more numbers with one dollar each and hit again. The profit for this session is now 90.- $. There are now 22.- $ that you may use to continue betting. 68.- Dollars are set on the side and should not be used (whatever happens) for that session (for safety’s sake write the amount that can not be touched after each bet on a piece of paper). You bet one more time on 10 numbers (one dollar/number) and lose. There are still 12 left to play. You bet again and win. The profit is now 105.- $. Write the amount you no longer touch on a piece of paper: it is now $ 79.-. You are not allowed to lose those $ 79, and the profit you’ve made so far is now twice as high as the win goal set at the beginning of the session. So there are still $ 26 left to continue betting. For the next spin you bet 16.- $ and lose. Then you bet 10 dollars again (you know that it is impossible for this session to get you up as a loser and still you can bet one or several times. The good feeling that you have knowing that, will help you to make good decisions.

  And again: just as there are days when everything or almost everything works, there are also days when nothing works. If you lose your bankroll for a session in one day, then do not play again on that day.


The bankroll for a month

It is important to know in advance how much money you will have in a month that you will not need for anything else. If your monthly income is not high enough to “play” online roulette with real money, then let it be or save the necessary amount over a few months until you have enough for the first session. With less than $ 100, I would advise against starting a session.

  Let’s say you have 500.- $ for online roulette for a given month. You now have to prepare a plan for this month. You should divide this amount by the number of sessions you would like to complete this month. If you want to have 250.- $ per session, that’s 2 sessions. If you lose the $ 500 during that month, forget about online roulette until the day you have again a certain amount of money that you do not need for anything else. In the meantime, I advise you to use the R-Tracking program to do pure practice sessions.

  What should you do with money that you won? If you have won 50% of your monthly available amount, you are well advised if you withdraw half of it directly from your roulette account. So, if you start at $ 500 and reach $ 750, you should withdraw $ 125. Use this money for something else, not for online roulette . This is something you should definitely do to have good feelings about online roulette rather than dissatisfaction, nervousness and frustration, as is the case for 99% of all roulette players. First and foremost, you will be proud of being able to adhere to strict rules and this will strengthen your self-esteem. Without the right psychological attitude, you will never achieve something notable with online roulette in the long run, never.

 What to do when a particular month is over and you still have money left. There are two options: either you have a net profit or a net loss. If you can again use a certain amount of money for the coming month that you do not need for anything else, then add that sum to the sum you still have and divide that sum into playing sessions. You want for example 3 sessions, so divide by three. Then follow exactly the rules explained above. Again, if you follow these rules strictly, you will be able to make long-term profits with online roulette, and if you have the slightest doubt that you will be able to apply these rules accurately, forget about online roulette, otherwise you will experience many unfortunate moments.