Even though online casino fraud is rare (stricter rules and laws), one should be aware of a few things before enrolling in an online casino and opening an account. You should pay particular attention to the following 8 points.

  1. Try to determine how long the casino has been in existence (the longer, the more certain you can be that it is a reputable casino) and the number of players who have already registered (the higher the number, the better).
  2. The payout process should go as fast and easy as possible. The longer this takes, the more dubious the casino in question is and it is best to choose another online casino. Also check which method the casino uses to pay out the winnings (if there are variants like Paypal and similar, this speaks for the casino).
  3. Make sure that the online casino has a valid license (with associated number, preferably an EU license, which is governed by European law).
  4. Almost all casinos offer the player a first deposit bonus. However, the bonus is bound to certain conditions, which should be read carefully. In general, the higher the bonus offered, the more dubious the casino. In virtually all cases, it is required to implement a minimum of real money before the promised bonus is credited. It is positive, if the player gets the opportunity to completely renounce the bonus (which I personally recommend). 
  5. Test whether you get a reasonable answer to possible questions as quickly as possible (via email, live chat or similar). The longer it takes, the more dubious the online casino is. Reputable casinos have no problem answering any questions their customers may have and also have the necessary staff to do that.
  6. Read the terms and conditions (at least in part). If the latter are not listed, choose another online casino.
  7. Make sure the casino offers European Roulette (ie roulette with one zero), and most of all, that the roulette game has a so-called turbo function (which means that if you click on spin, the roulette ball does not roll 10 to 15 seconds until it falls into a slot, but the number is shown immediately, which makes the use of “roulette tracking” much easier.
  8. It would also be an advantage, if not essential, if you can spin without making any bets. For a successful application of roulette tracking, you will need to wait 90% of your working time to get a bet opportunity with a high hit probability. If you are forced to always bet red and black on these spins in order to be able to make a spin at all, you lose money during the “waiting period”, ie whenever Zero appears. It’s not much, but you should not throw a dime out the window unnecessarily.