There are two important aspects to consider when using roulette progression. First, it should be kept in mind that it is always a risky matter to use progressions (no matter what type of progression it is). Secondly, without the use of progressions, it is more difficult and it takes longer to make decent profits with roulette. If you are more of a risk player, applying a progression may make sense. Personally, I prefer to play without progression and bet chips or units with a higher value, so for example, $ 5 are bet per number rather than just a dollar.

  If you decide to use a progression, consider the following. The highest amount you can bet on a number varies from casino to casino. 50.- $ per number is a commonly seen limit. So you have the option to bet between 1.- and 50.- $ per number (that there is an upper limit at all, unlike most roulette players think, is a measure of the casinos to protect the players. If there were no limit, many players would be ruined with steep progressions, but on the other hand, it doesn’t make sense to use a progression if you are unable to take advantage of all the available bandwidth, provided you have enough capital to do that. Either you are progressing correctly, ie until the table maximum offered, or you are better off to bet flat all the time (using a higher chip value only when you know that the probability to get a hit is higher).

  The “trick” of a progression is that you should not use it during a specific betting series, but progress from one series to the next one. This need to be explained. Example: You want to bet on a sector with 12 adjacent numbers if this sector was not hit during 19 consecutive spins. Let’s assume you are using a progression that allows you to bet 9 times. If this sector is hit once within these 9 spins, you win. So, if Roulette-Tracking notifies you that such a sector has not shown during 19 spins in a row, you start betting that sector. But: instead of betting 9 times in a row now, expecting that the sector with the 9 numbers will be hit once and you can make a profit, only bet 3 times (and progress those 3 bets). If you hit, you stop betting. If you don’t get a hit during these 3 spins, you stop betting and wait until you get a message again that a sector with 9 adjacent numbers has not shown during 19 spins in a row and bet that sector three times again (using step 4, 5 and 6 of your progression). You do that until you have arrived at the end of your progression. Again, I do not recommend using progressions of any type.