Before you decide to buy “roulette tracking”, you should pay close attention to the following points :

  1. “Roulette tracking” is not a roulette system, but a program that provides you in record time as much information as possible about the roulette permanence (ie a previous series of numbers that have shown).
  2. To successfully use Roulette Tracking you need time and patience. 
  3. “Roulette Tracking” is not a program that allows you to earn a lot of money in a short time. There are no roulette systems or strategies that make this possible. Only having enough experience with roulette tracking will allow you to generate by work a decent profit on a regular basis with online roulette (the emphasis is on the word “work”). 
  4. If you have read everything (!!!) on this site, you probably will not hesitate to buy “roulette tracking”. The price is deliberately set high because I want to avoid that “roulette tracking” gets into the hands of players that are not serious about roulette. Only the serious player will take the time to play through all the practice examples, strictly observe the rules on ” Roulette Money Management ” and accept to spend a certain amount of time to master “Roulette Tracking”.
  5. Do not buy “Roulette-Tracking” (not the full version and not the reduced version) before you have the “Excel” program installed on your computer. Open an account with Microsoft and subscribe to ” Office 365 ” for only 7.- € / month. Everything you need to know about Excel for using Roulette Tracking is explained on this website. If you still have any technical problems, you can always contact me at the following email address: 
  6. You have the option to first buy a reduced version of “Roulette-Tracking” for a small amount of money, to make initial attempts with the program and to make sure that everything works properly. Only if you are convinced that it is the right roulette tool, you should decide to purchase the full version of “Roulette Tracking”. Click HERE to go to the website where you can buy and download the reduced version for 18.72 euro.

Notes on the reduced version: 

  1. The reduced version checks a reduced number of events: these are events 1-5 (“Number Gaps”), events 6 and 7 (“Dozens Simple Losingrun” and “Columns Simple Losingrun”) as well as the events 8 – 11 (“Number Neighbors Simple Losingrun”). In addition, this version has the “Test Player” with around 15,000 spins to practice from an online casino and the “Frequencies” function, which allows you to view the frequency distribution of a longer number series. A parallel permanence of the spaces is not displayed. Finally, you can also make display the frequency distribution of the last X fallen numbers on the layout.
  2. I recommend that you play through Exercises 1 and 3 with the reduced version of “Roulette Tracking”. Please note that in practice example 1 with the reduced version no parallel-permanence of the spaces is displayed and in practice example 3 the message “13 numbers on the layout (or more) gap” is also not displayed. Then, as a test, you can also enter the following number series: 10 – 7 – 36 – 24 – 3 – 7 – 1 – 13 – 8 – 32 – 37 – 9 – 3 – 3- 4 – 11 – 25 – 26 – 10 – 32 – 18 – 15 – 5 – 22 – 34 – 8. After entering 8 the main program will run and after completing the calculations (2 – 3 seconds) you will get the message:  Last number and 6 neigbours on each side Simple Losingrun 
  3. Do not try to use the reduced version while working with real money. You may temporarily make profits; in the long run you have no chance to win. The first purpose of the reduced version is to verify that your computer is able to open the program with Excel and run it correctly. If that is the case, everything will also work perfectly with the full version.

Finally, a last comment on the purchase price of the full version. If you’re not ready to spend 292.50 euros on the full version, that’s the best sign that you have not understood what the power of this roulette software is. It will be better for you anyway if you save the money for acquiring “roulette tracking”. Click HERE to go to the website where you can buy and download the full version of “Roulette Tracking”.

Copyright: All rights to sell “roulette tracking” are reserved to the author. You do not have the right to redistribute or resell roulette tracking to other persons. In addition, the author of “roulette tracking” is in no way responsible for financial losses that may occur during the use of the software.