About “Roulette-Tracking”

“Roulette Tracking” is not a roulette system. “Roulette Tracking” is a program that provides the roulette player with valuable information about the roulette permanence (ie a previous series of numbers) during the active game in an online casino. The permanency is checked after each spin or coup on 64 extraordinary events (referred to in the jargon

What is “Roulette-Tracking” doing ?

“Roulette Tracking”: the right tool for successful online roulette. Here is the list of what the program calculates after each spin. The list contains 64 extraordinary events, which are divided into categories. For example, the first event category includes 5 events (see below). Behind every number a specific event is described (also known as “negative

How to use “Roulette-Tracking” ?

“Roulette tracking”: how to defeat roulette with the help of a computer. So now is the time to see how the program works and how it can or should be used in practice. It should be noted already now that the program does even more than to perform after each spin all the calculations that have